Committee for Condensed Matter Physics

20th meeting, 19-20 April 2004


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Recommendations 19th meeting, 20–21 November 2003

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List of E-mail spokepersons

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 Mathematical support of experimental and theoretical studies conducted by JINR G. ADAM text (pdf)

"Status of the IBR-2 reactor refurbishment"ur

V. Ananiev

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Claster state of fullerenes in solutionses” V.L.Aksenov, M.V.Avdeev, V.B.Priezzhev. text (pdf)


Cluster state of fullerenes in solutions

V.L.Aksenov, M.V.Avdeev, V.B.Priezzhev

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DN-12 Spectrometer for Neutron Scattering Investigations Structure and Dynamics of Materials at High Current State and Future Prospects

 B.N.Savenko, D.P.Kozlenko, V.P.Glazkov, V.A.Somenkov


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Project of development of the REMUR spectrometer.


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Proposal for the new neutron spectrometer DN-6 for studies of microsamples under high pressure.
B.N.Savenko, D.P.Kozlenko, V.P.Glazkov, V.A.Somenkov text (pdf)
 The user’s program at IBR-2 spectrometers  N. C. Popa text (pdf)